IU Transcript Signature Request

Welcome to the Indiana University Signature Request System for transcripts!

This system should be used when requesting official transcripts for students who cannot use the eTranscript system, or who have a paper transcript attachment.

Manually Processed Online Signature Request

The Signature Request system is a two-step system placed online and manually processed. You may order electronic and paper transcripts for up to five recipients per order. Please allow 1-3 business days for processing. Your order cannot be processed until your handwritten signature and payment is received.

Step 1: Enter your identifying information and transcript order details. List where you would like the transcript to go directly to in the Recipient fields. You will be given the opportunity to review/edit your order before proceeding to the payment options (only if Express delivery is selected - select the PayPal icon to pay online with a card) or the signature authorization page. There is no charge for transcripts requested without Express delivery.

Note: Express delivery cannot go to a Post Office Box (PO Box).

Step 2: Your handwritten signature is required before your transcript can be issued. Please print the Step 2 Authorization Page, sign it, and submit it by email, fax, or mail directly to our office. We are unable to accept typed, electronic signatures (ex. DocuSign) at this time.

If you have forms to send attached to your transcript, please order a paper transcript and include the forms when submitting your signed Step 2 Authorization form.

Note: Do not send sensitive information via fax. The IU Fax Service currently does not satisfy requirements that enable its use for receiving data that is regulated by PCI DSS, HIPAA, or FERPA.